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Every year, international scientific conferences and seminars are held at Peter Grünberg Institut. PGI is also represented at outside events.

Coming up events and dates

02 Jun 2017 PGI Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Moritz Sokolowski, University of Bonn, Germany  
09 Jun 2017 PGI Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Jonathan Finley, Technical University of Munich, Germany  
12 Jun 2017 PGI-8/ICS-8 Seminar: Nikolaus Wolf
23 Jun 2017 PGI Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Mirko Cinchetti, TU Dortmund University, Germany  
30 Jun 2017 PGI Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Benjamin Huard, École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France  
14 Jul 2017 PGI Colloquium: Prof. Dr. Leslie J. Allen, University of Melbourne, Australia  
25 Sep 2017 - 29 Sep 2017 Autumn School on Correlated Electrons The Physics of Correlated Insulators, Metals, and Superconductors
26 Feb 2018 - 09 Mar 2018 49th IFF Spring School - Physics of Life

Previous events and dates

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12 Oct 2015 - 14 Oct 2015 Challenges in Multiferroics & Magnetoelectrics
28 Sep 2015 PGI-8/ICS-8 Seminar: Marc Pohlmann
25 Sep 2015 PGI Colloquium: Extraordinary Talk:     "IEE Distinguished Lecturer 2015" Prof. Dr. Bethanie Stadler,   University of Minnesota, USA
21 Sep 2015 PGI-8/ICS-8 Seminar: Dr. Hyobong Hong (ETRI, Korea)
21 Sep 2015 - 25 Sep 2015 Autumn School on Correlated Electrons Many-Body Physics: From Kondo to Hubbard
14 Sep 2015 PGI-8/ICS-8 Seminar: Eva Kreysing
11 Sep 2015 PGI-8/ICS-8 Seminar: Prof. Dr. Mehdi Fardmanesh (Sharif Univ.)
07 Sep 2015 PGI-8/ICS-8 Seminar: Hendrik von Eysmondt
31 Aug 2015 PGI-8/ICS-8 Seminar: Dr. Jie LI (Natl. Univ. Def. Tech, China)
24 Aug 2015 PGI-8/ICS-8 Seminar: Marvin Jansen