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Aberration-Corrected Low Energy Electron Microscope

LEEM-LabFig. 1: LEEM laboratory in April 2014

In October 2010 the new Aberration Corrected Low Energy Electron Microscope (AC-LEEM) and Photo Electron Emission Microscope (PEEM) was installed in the labs of PGI-3. Although it is a commercial instrument delivered by Elmitec GmbH (Clausthal-Zellerfeld, Germany), it can be considered as a prototypical microscope, since it is only the second Elmitec AC-LEEM which has been delivered so far. Worldwide there are only about 5 other comparable microscopes in operation (Jan 2011). It reaches a world-record spatial resolution of 2 nm in AC-LEEM mode. The microscope has the potential to boost many of our ongoing research projects, e.g. regarding the growth of organic thin films on metal substrates, since it enables in situ investigations in real time.

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Contact: C. Kumpf