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Crystal Preparation Laboratory

High quality single crystals are an indispensible prerequiste for surface science. The Crystal Preparation Laboratory at PGI-3 is known for its excellent single crystal surfaces and has over the years pioneered many innovate surface preparation techniques. Laboratory staff orient, cut and polish single crystals . Most transition metals surfaces and many alloy surfaces can be prepared. More recently, a gradient oven for the purification of organic materials by re-sublimation has been designed and built.

A speciality of our Crystal Preparation Laboratory is the fabrication of so-called bead crystals. These are small crystals of a few mm diameter which are made from molten metal wire, following a patented process. They are of exceptional quality (strain-free, low mosaic). Bead crystals with one, two or even three wires for clamping and/or heating can be ordered through icryst, a spin-off company of PGI-3’s Crystal Preparation Laboratory.