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Scanning probe microscopy with the Koala drive

We have developed a new type of ultra-compact piezoelectric motor, the so-called Koala drive, which has a diameter of less than 2.5 mm. The Koala drive operates in ambient conditions as well as in ultra-high vacuum, at low temperatures (4 K) and in magnetic fields. The Koala drive serves as the heart of a new STM design: Due to its compactness, a 4-tip STM or nanoprober with an outer diameter of only 50 mm can be built.

  • Ultracompact nanopositioner for scanning probe microscopy

  • STM design with smallest mechanical loop

  • 4-tip STM with an outer diameter of 50 mm



Koala drive: Ultra-compact nanopositioner

Here we present a new type of ultra-compact nanodrive which has diameter less than 2.5mm. More: Koala drive: Ultra-compact nanopositioner …

Koala dirve STM

STM with the Koala drive

Adding a piezo tube for xyz-scanning integrates a complete STM (i.e. scanner and coarse approach) inside a piezo tube of 4 mm outer diameter. More: STM with the Koala drive …

4 Tip STM

Multi-tip STM with the Koala drive

The compactness of the Koala drive offers the possibility to design a multi-tip STM in which four independent STM units are integrated within a
diameter of 50 mm. More: Multi-tip STM with the Koala drive …


Nanopositioner for Scanning Probe Microscopy

Ultra Compact Four Tip Scanning Probe Microscope


Dr. V. Cherepanov, Dipl. Ing P.Coenen, Prof. Dr. B. Voigtländer