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STM with the Koala drive

Ultra-compact STM design using the Koala drive

The use of the Koala drive allows ultra-compact scanning probe microscopy design of high mechanical stability. The Koala drive is UHV-, magnetic field and low temperature (4 K) compatible. Its smooth operation also minimizes power dissipation which can be a problem of inertial drives when operated at cryogenic temperatures.

  • Tip-sample coarse approach:
    Koala drive is housed inside the scanning piezo tube with 4 mm outer diameter
  • Ultra-compact STM design with the smallest mechanical loop
  • Tunneling current wire is shielded inside the central metal tube, minimizing electrical noise

  • Simple design and fast coarse approach
  • Operation in UHV, magnetic field, and at low temperature (small power dissipation due to quasi-static operation)
  • Ideally suited for retrofitting to existing UHV systems, due to small size and simple compact design

STM with the Koala drive: Performance

Line scan: single line, not averagedLine scan: single line, not averaged