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Ultra Compact STM with KoalaDrive®


Easy STM upgrade to existing surface analysis or MBE systems.

Integrating the KoalaDrive® nanopositioner as coarse approach inside a tube scanner pushes the design of SPMs towards ultra compact instruments.

A smaller size leads directly to a smaller thermal drift and increases the resonance frequencies, leading to insensitivity against external vibrations.

The Koala Drive® can be used for the coarse approach of the tip towards the sample. Inserting the KoalaDrive® in a piezo tube for xyz-scanning completes the Koala Drive® STM. The use of the Koala Drive makes the scanning probe microscopy design ultra compact and accordingly leads to a high mechanical stability.


Features of the KoalaDrive® STM

  • Ultra compact design
  • High mechanical stability
  • UHV, magnetic field and low temperature (4K) compatible
  • Easy integration of STM to existing surface analysis, cryostat or MBE systems
  • In situ tip and sample exchange
  • Easy adaption to any standard sample holder
  • Complete STM on a CF35 flange
  • STM/AFM combination available

We offer solutions meeting your specific requirements. Our toolbox of nanopositioners enables an easy design of custom scanning probe microscopy solutions.


Atomically resolved unfiltered STM data acquired with a KoalaDrive® STM on the (7x7) structure of a Si(111) sample (lateral scan size 30 nm x 30 nm). The lower image shows a line scan (not averaged) along the red line.


Au(111) herringbone reconstrction. Bottom: atomically resolved image.

More information can be found also in this publication and on the website of our spin-off company mprobes