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Complex Transport Regimes in Low Temperature Scanning Tunnelling Microscopy

Welcome to the research group of Ruslan Temirov

In our group we study quantum transport using the low‐temperature scanning tunneling and atomic force microscopies (STM, AFM). The motivation of our research is twofold: one of our goals is to gain the fundamental understanding of electronic transport processes at the scale of a single molecule. At the same time we try to extend the methodology of STM/AFM using novel transport phenomena for imaging and spectroscopy of nanoscale objects on surfaces.


Fields of research:

  • Scanning tunneling microscopy (STM)
  • Frequency modulated atomic force microscopy (FM AFM)
  • SPM-based single molecule spectroscopy
  • Interactions of organic molecules with surfaces
  • Quantum transport through molecules
  • Instrument development

Current projects:

Methods and Instrumentation:

  • 5K Scanning Tunneling/Atomic Force Microscope
  • 10K Scanning Tunneling Microscope


  • Institut für Physik, Universität Osnabrück (Prof. Dr. M. Rohlfing)
  • Theoretische Physik II, Technischen Universität Dortmund (Prof. Dr. F. B. Anders)
  • Institut für Materialwissenschaften, Technische Universität Dresden (Prof. Dr. G. Cuniberti)
  • Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge, UK (Prof. Dr. G. Lonzarich)
  • Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratorium, Universät Leiden, Niederlande (Prof. Dr. J. v. Ruitenbeek)
  • Institut für Nanotechnologie, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe (Dr. M. Ruben)


Dr. Ruslan Temirov
Peter Grünberg Institut
Functional Nanostructures at Surfaces (PGI-3)
phone +49 2461 61 3462