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Ongoing Ph.D., Diploma, Bachelor and Master Theses

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brückel


  1. Thakuria, Pankaj
    Spin-induzierte Ferroelektrizität bei hohen Temperaturen in einer Klasse von Übergangsmetall-Oxiden
    Ph.D. Thesis, since October 2011
    (Helmholtz Young Investigator Group "Complex ordering phenomena")


  2. Klapper, Alice
    Magnetismus und Ordnungsphänomene in magnetischen Nanodimeren und Nanodimermesokristallen
    Ph.D. Thesis, since May 2012

  3. Herzkamp, Matthias
    Simulation and Optimization of a Position Sensitive Scintillation Detector with Wavelength Shifting Fibers for Thermal Neutrons
    Ph.D. Thesis, since November 2012

  4. Müller, Thomas
    Magnetoelektrische Kopplung und mögliche Multiferroizität in drei Oxyden
    Ph.D. Thesis, since December 2012
    (Helmholtz Young Investigator Group "Complex ordering phenomena")

  5. Waschk, Markus
    p-Elektron Magnetismus in oxydischen Heterostrukturen
    Ph.D. Thesis, since December 2012


  6. Alexeev, Pavel
    Entwicklung eines Rückstreumonochromators und Sapphirultraoptik für 183W Phononenspektroskopie
    Ph.D. Thesis, since March 2013
    (Helmholtz Young Investigator Group "Emerging Functional Materials")

  7. Khazaradze, Giorgi
    Microscopic study of novel spin-based multiferroics
    Ph.D. Thesis, since May 2013
    (Helmholtz Young Investigator Group "Complex ordering phenomena in multifunctional oxides")

  8. Williamson, Hailey
    Charge order induced ferroelectricity in oxides and an organic compound
    Ph.D. Thesis, since July 2013
    (Helmholtz Young Investigator Group "Complex ordering phenomena in multifunctional oxides")

  9. Jafari, Atefeh
    Sapphire ultraoptics for sub-meV 121Sb and 125Te phonon spectroscopy
    Ph.D. Thesis, since August 2013
    (Helmholtz Young Investigator Group "Emerging Functional Materials")

  10. Feng, Erxi
    Neutron scattering studies of emergent quantum phenomena in exotic condensed matter: from unconventional superconductors to quantum spin liquids
    Ph.D. Thesis, since September 2013

  11. Wang, Liming
    Fabrication and characterization of self-assembled nanoparticle arrays
    Ph.D. Thesis, since October 2013

  12. Wilbs, Genevieve

    Magnetische Proximity Effekte in Nanopartikel- und Dünnschicht-Kompositsystemen

    Ph.D. Thesis, since October 2013

  13. Sun, Xiao
    Magnetische Eigenschaften von selbst-organisierten Nanopartikeln - Spinstruktur und magnetische Korrelationen
    Ph.D. Thesis, since November 2013


  14. Hering, Paul
    Experimental study of the mechanism of the magnetocaloric effect
    Ph.D. Thesis, since March 2014

  15. Cronert, Tobias
    Qualifikation eines hochbrillanten Moderators für kalte Neutronen
    Ph.D. Thesis, since August 2014

  16. Cao, Lei
    Study of the magnetic and structural properties of magnetic oxide nanoparticles and thin films
    Ph.D. Thesis, since October 2014

  17. Biniskos, Nikolaos
    Inelastic neutron scattering on magnetocaloric compounds
    Ph.D. Thesis, since March 2015

  18. Chikovani, Mamuka
    Spin-Lattice Coupling in Magnetocaloric Materials
    Ph.D. Thesis, since March 2015

  19. Pecanha Antonio, Viviane
    Neutron Scattering Studies of Novel Magnetic Phases in Quantum Condensed Matter
    Ph.D. Thesis, since May 2015

  20. Cüppers, Tobias
    Struktur und Magnetismus von magnetischen Nanopartikeln
    Bachelor Thesis, since July 2015

  21. Zong, Hang
    Magnetic characterization of poly- and single crystalline samples of magnetocaloric compounds in the system Mn5-xFexSi3
    Bachelor Thesis, since July 2015

  22. Ji, Wenhai
    Spin structure in magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic nanostructures
    Ph.D. Thesis, since September 2015

  23. Smik, Michael
    Magnetische Eigenschaften von superkristallinen 3d Nanopartikel-Anordnungen
    Ph.D. Thesis, since November 2015

  24. Abuladze, Grigol
    Interplay between magnetic and superconducting layers in thin film heterostructures
    Master's Thesis, since November 2015

  25. Hammouda, Sabreen
    Tuning Spin and Charge Order in Geometrically Frustrated Rare Earth Ferrites
    Ph.D. Thesis, since February 2016

  26. Alhroob, Asmaa
    Magnetic configurations of highly ordered arrangements of magnetic nanoparticles
    Ph.D. Thesis, since February 2016

  27. Guo, Jingdong
    Dielectric measurement setup and ferroelectric properties of multiferroic Metal-Organic-Frameworks (MOFs) with perovskite architecture
    Bachelor Thesis, since March 2016

  28. Herrmann, Markus
    Vibrational properties and the role of temperature and pressure in chalcogenides
    Ph.D. Thesis, since April 2016

  29. Schöffmann, Patrick
    Optimierung des Wachstums epitaktischer SrCoO Schichten auf SrTiO3 Substraten an der MBE-Anlage
    Master Thesis, since April 2016

  30. Mörstedt, Timm
    Magnetische und Elektrische Eigenschaften selbstorganisierter Nanopartikel
    Bachelor Thesis, since April 2016

  31. Li, Yun Yvonna
    Multiple Bragg reflection in a thick mosaic crystal: Derivation, implementation, and validation of a practicable simulation algorithm
    Master Thesis, since May 2016

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