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Selected Publications

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brückel

Nandi, S.; Jin, W. T.; Xiao, Y.; Su, Y.; Price, S.; Shukla, D. K.; Strempfer, J.; Jeevan, H. S.; Gegenwart, P.; Brückel, T.
Coexistence of superconductivity and ferromagnetism in P-doped EuFe2As2
Physical Review B 89 (2014), 014512: 1 - 7

Li, H.; Wildes, A.; Hou, B.; Zhang, C.; Schmitz, B.; Meuffels, P.; Roth, G.; Brückel, T.
Magnetization, crystal structure and anisotropic thermal expansion of single-crystal SrEr24
ORSC Adv. 4 (2014), 53602 - 53607  

Voigt, J.; Violini, N.; Brückel, T.
Chopper layout for spectrometers at long pulse neutron sources
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 741 (2014), 26 - 32

Disch, S.; Wetterskog, E.; Hermann, R.; Korolkov, D.; Busch, P.; Boesecke, P., Lyon, O.; Vainio, U.; Sala-zar-Alvarez, G., Bergström, L.; Brückel,T.
Structural diversity in iron oxide nanoparticle assemblies as directed by particle morphology and orientation
Nanoscale 5 (2013), 3969 - 3975

Glavic, A.; Becher, C.; Voigt, J.; Schierle, E.; Weschke, E.; Fiebig, M.; Brückel, T.
Stability of spin-diven ferroelectricity in the thin-film limit: Coupling of magnetic and electric order in multiferroic TbMnO3 films
Physical Review B 66 (2013), 054401-1 bis -5

Disch, S.; Wetterskog, E.*; Hermann, R.; Wiedenmann, A.*; Vainio, U.*; Salazar-Alvarez, G.*; Berg-ström, L.*; Brückel, T.
Quantitative spatial magnetization distribution in iron oxide nanocubes and nanospheres by polarized small-angle neutron scattering
New Journal of Physics 14 (2012), 013025: 1 - 11

Disch, S.;Wetterskog, E.*; Hermann, R.P.; Salazar-Alvarez, G.*; Busch, P.; Brückel, T.; Bergström, L.*; Kamali, S.*
Shape induced symmetry in self-assembled mesocrystals of iron oxide nanocubes
Nano Letters (2011) 11 (4), 1651 - 1656

Fu, Z.; Kögerler, P.; Rücker, U.; Su, Y.; Mittal, R.; Brückel, T.
 An approach to the magnetic ground state of the molecular magnet {Mo72Fe30} (PDF, 1 MB)
New Journal of Physics, 12 (2010), 083044: 1 - 15

Xiao, Y.; Su, Y.; Schmidt, W.; Schmalzl, K.; Kumar, C. M. N.; Price, S.; Chatterji, T.; Mittal, R.; Chang, L. J.*; Nandi, S.; Kumar, N.*; Dhar, S. K.*; Thamizhavel, A.*; Brückel, T.
Field-induced spin reorientation and giant spin-lattice coupling in EuFe2As2
Physical Review B 81 (2010), 220406(R) 1 - 4

Mittal, R.; Pintschovius, L.*; Lamago, D.*; Heid, R.*; Bohnen, K.-P.*; Reznik, D.*; Chaplot, S. L.*; Su, Y.; Kumar, N.*; Dhar, S. K.*; Thamizhavel, A.*; Brückel, T.
Measurement of Anomalous Phonon Dispersion of CaFe2As2 Single Crystals Using Inelastic Neutron Scattering
Physical Review Letters 102 (2009), 217001: 1 - 4  


 Number of papers in refereed journals (PDF, 235 kB) : > 194
 Number of other publications (PDF, 141 kB) : > 142
 Number of invited talks (PDF, 41 kB) : > 94
 Number of conference contributions (PDF, 210 kB) : > 278

Supervisor of Diploma and Ph.D. Students: > 110