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Selected Publications

Prof. Dr. Thomas Brückel

S. Disch, E. Wetterskog, R. P. Hermann, G. Salazar-Alvarez, P.  Busch, Th. Brückel,L. Bergström, S. Kamali 
Shape induced symmetry in self-assembled mesocrystals of iron oxide nanocubes
NanoLetters 11 (2011), 1651 - 1656


Z. Fu, P. Kögerler, U. Rücker, Y. Su, R. Mittal, Th. Brückel;
 An approach to the magnetic ground state of the molecular magnet {Mo72Fe30} (PDF, 1 MB)
New Journal of Physics, 12 (2010), 083044: 1 - 15


Y. Xiao, Y. Su, W. Schmidt, K. Schmalzl, C. M. N. Kumar, S.  Price, T. Chatterji, R. Mittal, L. J. Chang, S. Nandi, N. Kumar, S.  K. Dhar, A. Thamizhavel, Th. Brückel;
 Field-induced spin reorientation and giant spin-lattice coupling in EuFe2As2 (PDF, 474 kB)
Physical Review B 81 (2010), 220406(R) 1 - 4


R. Mittal, L. Pintschovius, D. Lamago, R. Heid, K.-P. Bohnen, D. Reznik, S. L. Chaplot, Y. Su, N. Kumar, S. K. Dhar, A. Thamizhavel, Th. Brückel;
 Measurement of Anomalous Phonon Dispersion of CaFe2As2 Single Crystals Using Inelastic Neutron Scattering (PDF, 245 kB)
Physical Review Letters 102 (2009), 217001: 1 - 4


E. Kentzinger, U. Rücker, B. Toperverg, F. Ott, Th. Brückel;
 Depth-resolved investigation of the lateral magnetic correlations in a gradient nanocrystalline multilayer (PDF, 2 MB)
Physical Review B 77  (2008), 104435-1 - 104435-19



 Number of papers in refereed journals (PDF, 243 kB) : > 188
 Number of other publications (PDF, 141 kB) : > 142
 Number of invited talks (PDF, 41 kB) : > 94
 Number of conference contributions (PDF, 210 kB) : > 278

Supervisor of Diploma and Ph.D. Students: > 100