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Functional Oxides and Molecules

Our recent research topics are focussed on:

functional oxide filmsThin film oxide dielectric, ferroelectric and superconducting systems are deposited via magnetron sputter technology, PLD and MOCVD (cooperations). The focus of this work lies on the optimization of the deposition process for various applications ranging from energy applications to information and (bio-)sensor technologies.
multiferroics and ferroelectric devicesThe ferroelectric properties (among others ferroelectric-dielectric transition-temperature, permittivity and tunability) of various oxides (e.g. SrTiO3 or NaNbO3) are engineered via strain caused by the lattice mismatch between substrate and film.
vortex matter and fluxonic devicesIn the framework of the European project nanoSC quantized flux (vortices) are manipulated in nanostructured HTS-films at dc to microwave frequencies leading to novel fluxonic concepts. Furthermore, the critical properties of coated conductors are analyzed in a special cryoelectronic setup for high current (up to 600A) experiments.
high-frequency and microwaveMicrowave measuremetns up to 20GHz for the characterization of films and devices ranging from superconducting (e.g. fluxonic) devices, ferroelectric films to molecular layers.
molecular electronics and interfacesRecently we extended our research towards the characterization of single molecules and (self-assembling) molecular layers using a new cryogenic break-junction setup, streaming potential analysis and planar microwave detection technologies.
Biya Cai

Biya Cai, PhD student

tel: +49 (0)2461 61 2889
Research activities: ferroelectric oxide films, engineering of film properties via strain

Yang Dai

Yang Dai, PhD student

tel: +49 (0)2461 61 2889
Research activities: microwave properties of ferroelectric oxide films, strained oxide films

Kirill Greben

Kyrylo Greben, PhD student

tel: +49 (0)2461 61 1411
Research activities: self-assembling molecular layers, streaming potential experiments, microwave experiments on SAM

Thomas Grellmann

Thomas Grellmann, PhD student

tel: +49 (0)2461 61 1411
Research activities: single molecule characterization, cryogenic break-junction

Eugen Hollmann

Eugen Hollmann, senior scientist

tel: +49 (0)2461 61 6956
Research activities: oxide film deposition, HTS coated conductors, film processing

Rolf Kutzner

Rolf Kutzner

tel: +49 (0)2461 61 2879
Research activities: thin film deposition, technical support and optimization of experimental setups

Alexandr Markov

Alexandr Markov, master student

tel: +49 (0)2461 61 2889
Research activities: Piezoelectric layers and multilayers, SAW and BAW

Prof. Dr. Roger Wördenweber

Prof. Dr. Roger Wördenweber

tel.:  +49-2461-61-2365

Group leader

Former Members and Guests (since 2010)

Dr. Mohamed Osman Abdel-Hamed Guest, 2013
Tino EhligMaster student, 2012-2013
Matthew KiokGuest, 2012
Brian ChungGuest, 2011
Valiantsina BelanohavaMaster student, 2010-2011


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Team 'Functional Oxides'

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-> Cryogenic Break Junction
-> Streaming Potential Experiment
-> Critical Current Setup for Coated Conductors (600A)

-> national project: SupraTech
-> EU project: 'NanoSC'



Prof. Dr. Roger Wördenweber

Tel.:  +49-2461-61-2365