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Probe Station

For electric characterizations, a PM5 probe station by Cascade Microtech mounted on a vibration isolated table in a Faraday cage is used. The system offers a high flexibility of applications, ranging from HF to DC measurements. Electric contact is achieved by metal needles attached to 4 Probeheads, which can be individually positioned with an accuracy of ~5µm over the substrate/wafer. The up to 5’’ big substrate is fixed on a movable table using a vacuum chuck while the Probeheads are positioned on a separate supporting bridge. A built-in optical microscope facilitates the alignment and navigation of the micromechanical-controlled needles and the substrate surface. Via the microscopes attached digital camera, a live picture footage of the needle position can be recorded.

Probe StationPM5 probe station with microscope, camera, and four probe heads

Each the table, the substrate, the Probeheads and the optical microscope can be moved separately yielding a perfect flexibility regarding various different measurement setups.

The installation is connected to a Semiconductor Characterization System (SCS) 4200 by Keithley combined with a Capacity Voltage (CV) Analyser 590 and Capacity Voltage (CV) Meter 595. The well screened system allows current measurements of up to 10-15 A by means of a plug in preamplifier.

Each Probehead can be electrically regulated separately and in combination with the flexible positioning relative to the, substrate numerous electric setups can be realized (Resistor, Transistor, 4-terminal sensing etc.).

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