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We are sad to announce the loss of Dr. Kristin Michael

Kristin MichaelKristin Michael

†January 10, 2011

Dr. Kristin Michael joined the institute (IBN-2) at Forschungszentrum Jülich in October 2006, after she finished her PhD at Georgia Institute of Technology. She mainly worked on developing material‐ and technology- based approaches for the enhancement of neuronal adhesion and survival at device/cell interfaces. She also mentored students within this topic and beyond and had many projects underway collaborating with physicists and chemists within our institute and at the RWTH University based on her adhesion findings. Kristin brought with her a working knowledge of using monolayers of alkanthiols on Au and peptides for cell adhesion and micropatterning of cell binding proteins. She continued to develop these techniques for use with neurons and enhanced our lab’s understanding of neuronal adhesion and polarization. She also developed many new techniques within our lab to analyze neuronal adhesion, polarization, and survival. Kristin also made significant non-scientific contributions to our institute, such as active contributions to a successful internal program oriented funding review and guidance of student presentations and manuscript writing. She was writing at a manuscript about the role of positive surface charge density in the adhesion and polarization of primary neurons which she hoped to submit very soon. Kristin was a wonderful colleague and will be greatly missed by the entire institute. She passed away after a short illness. Our thoughts are with her family and her friends at this difficult time.