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Neuroelectronic Hybrids

Our efforts in this field are devoted to research and development of durable electronic devices for the efficient interfacing with neuronal cells. These Neuroelectronic hybrid systems will be important for basic neurobiological research, for high throughput pharmacological screenings, and future use in linking the brain and computers.

Our research encompasses the following topics:

Rat neuron

Electronic Devices

Sensitive electronic devices that can be fabricated using CMOS technology can provide direct, real–time monitoring of biological processes. In addition, local electric fields generated by these devices can influence biological processes and interactions.

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Neuroelectronic Interface

Designing Neuroelectronic Interfaces

We develop and investigate novel chip-based interfaces for communication with cells and cellular networks. The envisaged interfaces will rely on nanofabrication technology and biomimetics that will add a new dimension to the development of neural biohybrid systems.

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Biohybrid Systems

Biohybrid Systems

We aim to develop and study on-chip systems, in which individual cells in a network can be addressed via electrical interfaces. This includes the monitoring of electrical activity from the cells and tissues, the stimulation of these cells as well as the development of in vitro single-cell sensors. This research could one day lead to 'neuroprosthetic' implants replacing damaged nervous tissue, and advanced computers mimicking living, learning circuits.

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Prof. Dr. Andreas Offenhäusser

Tel.:  +49-2461-61-2330


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