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Our interdisciplinary team of physicists, chemists, biologists and electrical engineers studies and develops functional assemblies of biological components and electronic devices.

Research: Karussell

Our research is focused on bioelectronic devices which exploit biology in conjunction with electronics encompassing for example, biomaterials for information processing, sensors, actuators and biomedical devices. A key aspect is the interface between biological materials and electronics.

Research Topics:

Electronic Sensors: Logo

Electronic Sensors

Development of electronic sensors for the detection of minute amounts of biochemicals in the environment and in body fluids.

Electronic Sensors: Electronic Sensors …

Magnetic Field Sensors: Logo

Magnetic Field Sensors

Highly sensitive magnetic sensors, low-field NMR and MRI for biomedical applications.

Magnetic Field Sensors: Magnetic Field Sensors …

Biomolecular Sensors: Logo

Biomolecular Sensors

Detection of biomolecules in the environment and in body fluids.

Biomolecular Sensors: Biomolecular Sensors …

Molecular Bioelectronics: Logo

Molecular Bioelectronics

Development of active bio-inorganic components for the investigation and control of charge transport phenomena in and across biomolecules.

Molecular Bioelectronics: Molecular Bioelectronics …

Cellular Bioelectronics: Logo

Cellular Bioelectronics

Interfacing of electronics with cellular systems: including detection, stimulation, and characterization on the cellular and sub-cellular level as well as the development of biological systems for electronic applications.

Cellular Bioelectronics: Cellular Bioelectronics …


Biomimetic Sensors

Biomimetics involves understanding of processes found in nature and the transfer of the principles to technical systems.

Biomimetic Sensors: Biomimetic Sensors …

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