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Multigate Nanowire-MOSFET

In order to increase current drive and to better control short-channel effects (SCE), MOSFETs have evolved from planar single gate to multi-gates structures. The multi-gate Nanowire (NW) transistor which guarantees optimum electrostatics, is a particularly suitable design for suppressing SCE. The on-current of a single NW transistor is very small due to its small dimensions. Nanowire array MOSFETs with thousand nanowire transistors in parallel show high currents and provide the possibility of direct measurement of mobilities to study the transport characteristics along the NWs.


We use e-beam lithography to fabricate multi nanowires with a diameter of <20nm. We are focusing on the following research topics:

·         NW fabrication with a diameter of <10nm.

·         Ω gate and gate all around structure with high-k dielectric

·         Si/Ge core-shell, strained-Si, and SiGe NWs

·         Low Schottky barrier contacts on NWs

·         NW-FET with a gate length <50nm.

Nanowire ArrayOmega gate NW array MOSFET structure

Nanowire Array IVtransfer characteristics of NW array p-FETs with 1000 Si NWs along [110] or [100] direction

Recent Publications:
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Proceedings of 40th European Solid-State Devices Research Conference, 2010 pp.372-375

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S.F. Feste, J. Knoch, S. Habicht, Q. T. Zhao, D. Buca, S. Mantl,
Performance enhancement of uniaxially-tensile strained Si NW-nFETs fabricated by lateral strain relaxation of SSOI,
Proceeding of the 10th International Conference on Ultimate Integration of Silicon ULIS, 2009. – p. 109 - 112

S.F. Feste, J. Knoch, S. Habicht, Q. T. Zhao, D. Buca, S. Mantl,
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