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Best Poster Award for Peter Schüffelgen


Peter Schüffelgen, Ph.D. student at the Peter Grünberg Institute 9 (PGI-9 Semiconductor Nanoelectronics), has won a poster award at the 12th International Nanotechnology Conference (INC) on Communication and Cooperation held in Leuven, Belgium from May 10 to 12, 2016.

He received the award for his poster on Topological Josephson junctions and Majorana qubits. The International Nanotechnology Conference is a platform for industry, government, and academia for scientific and research collaboration and communication of inventions, innovations, global trends and societal impacts.

Peter Schüffelgen in Leuven

Blog entry of Peter Schüffelgen [Blog]:

“INC 12 was very different from all conferences I have attended so far. Usually it is mostly about basic research, while this time I rather learned where and how basic research is allocated within the value chain. When developing ideas into products, devices have to pass several technology readiness levels (in total 9) and cross the valley of death. Learning about those concepts and about different points of view from industry leaders, policy makers, and senior researchers was very inspiring and allowed me to gain an insight into how industry and research collaborate on creating innovation.

I especially enjoyed the opportunity during coffee and lunch breaks in between sessions to get to know people from different professional backgrounds and from all over the world. There was enough time to discuss subjects in detail and really get to know each other. Jo de Boeck and his team did a great job organizing this conference!” (Peter Schüffelgen)