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Start of operation on the nanocluster ALD

The atomic layer deposition (ALD) tool of the nanocluster, an Oxford ® FlexAL® ALD, is brought into service by researchers of the Peter Grünberg Institute. Insulating layers of oxides and nitrides can be deposited in the ALD. For the oxides, thermal deposition as well as deposition using oxygen plasma and ozone are available.

First deposition runs of Al2O3, HfO2 and TiO2 on 4 inch Si substrates exhibit a roughness < 1nm and excellent homogeneity across the entire wafer surface (<2%).
In future, the variety of materials will be expanded by Ta2O5, TiN and TaN.

Atomic layer depositionAtomic layer Depostion Tool
Copyright: Torsten Rieger und Benjamin Bennemann, PGI-9


Torsten Rieger,