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One of the most modern nanoelectronic laboratories in Europe to be created in Jülich

The construction of the Helmholtz Nanoelectronic Facility (HNF) was commenced today with a groundbreaking ceremony. In the next 3 years a modern, 1000-square-meter large cleanroom center will be built and a total sum of around 25 million Euro invested. Materials, processes and structures in the nanometer range will be developed in this facility for the next generation of semiconductor chips.

The Helmholtz-Association will invest 9.8 million Euro in the erection of the ultra-modern cleanroom center building. An additional 15.5 million Euro will also be provided for the funding of scientific and technical equipment. The equipment will complement equipment originating from projects of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF). The facility will be compatible to industry standards and will include equipment for cleaning, lithography, inspection of semiconductor wafers, ion beam treatment (implanter and tandetron) as well as for further nanoelectronic process technology. The so-called nano fabrication cluster (NEC) will combine a large number of components for the fabrication, processing and analysis of very small structures on artificial crystals. It is possible to transport samples within the 6 m x 15 m large chamber without breaking the vacuum and therefore to ensure contamination-free surfaces. The modular construction provides the platform for industry and university partners` use of their own equipment in the new Helmholtz Nano Facility.