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Nanocrystalline HfO2 covering InAs nanowires

If HfO2 is deposited by atomic layer deposition (ALD) on InAs nanowires, crystalline HfO2 regions develop already for thin layers. This has been shown by researchers from the Peter Grünberg Institut and the University Siegen.

InAs nanowires are potential candidates for future field effect transistors (FETs), however, for this purpose, the surface of the nanowires has to be passivated and a high-k dielectric has to be deposited. This can be e.g. HfO2. The investigations show that the HfO2 deposited by ALD covers the nanowires homogenously. However, already for film thicknesses as small as 3 nm as well as at low deposition temperatures, nanocrystalline regions are found in the HfO2. These nanocrystalline regions would influence the performance of the FETs. The investigations focus on the formation, development and crystal structure of the crystallites as well as their suppression. By using a laminate structure of HfO2 and Al2O3, the formation of the crystalline HfO2 can be suppressed even at high temperatures. (Publication)

HfO2 layer on the surface of an InAs nanowireHfO2 layer on the surface of an InAs nanowire
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