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Master thesis: Development of III-nitride based single photon sources for use in telecommunication wavelength range

Starting date: October 1, 2013

Motivation: Single photon sources (SPSs) are a key element for future secure and efficient data transfer in communication systems. High security standards regarding reliability and robustness of SPS systems are great challenges for potential suitable material systems. Especially degradation effects in SPS nanostructures inhibit a broad range of possible applications up to now. Therefore, III-nitride alloys are promising material systems, since they are known for their robustness in addition to their unique physical, electrical and optical properties. They are well established for robust and energy efficient applications (e.g. blue LED).

Objective: The new member of our team will develop suitable material systems based on III-nitrides by MOCVD techniques for their use in the telecommunication wavelength range and, after process optimization, improve the material properties regarding their optical and electrical characteristics. Their stability is to be demonstrated in continuous operation. Experiments will be performed at PGI-9 using the MOCVD lab for III-Nitride growth and the Helmholtz Nanofacility (HNF) clean-room equipment for device preparation. The basic material system for SPSs, p - GaN/InN/n-GaN (PIN) nanostructures, will be investigated and the experimental work will be focused on the suppression/elimination of degradation effects.

Methods: MOVPE, Scanning electron Microscopy (SEM),
atomic force microscopy (AFM), X-ray diffraction (XRD,
photoluminescence spectroscopy (PL), clean room technology
your profile:
• Bachelor in physics, material science, electrical engineering, chemistry or similar
• High motivation and fascination for semiconductor science and device technology
• Very good knowledge of solid state physics is desirable

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• Experienced and friendly research team
• Excellent experimental equipment
• Working and learning in a great research environment

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