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Master thesis: Growth of Semiconductor Nanowires

Starting date: anytime

Semiconductor nanowires belong to the most interesting one-dimensional nanostructures. Their special morphology allows the epitaxial combination of different semiconductor materials, which can be used to produce new heterostructures for diverse applications. GaAs/InAs – core/shell nanowires, recently developed at our institute are such an example. Their special band-alignment causes a high intrinsic conductivity and allows the observation of electron interference effects in electrical transport measurements.

We give you the opportunity, to work at the Peter Grünberg Institute for semiconductor nanotechnology as part of the Metal Organic Vapor Phase Epitaxy (MOVPE) research group, working actively on currents topics in semiconductor nanowire research. The goal of this master thesis is the research of crystal growth of group III/V nanowires. One aim is the improvement of the crystal quality of the nanowires and the other the development of new growth parameters for the growth of nanowire heterostructures.

At first, you will learn the structuring of suitable growth substrates for epitaxy, which are currently made be electron beam or nanoimprint lithography. Second, you will learn the growth of semiconductor nanowires using MOVPE. Third, the grown nanowires should be characterized using scanning or transmission electron microscopy.

We offer:
• Experienced and friendly research team
• Excellent experimental equipment
• Working and learning in a great research environment

Please send your application (including CV, bachelor thesis, and exam results) by email to:
[Dr. Hilde Hardtdegen] ( or
[Fabian Haas] (