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Master thesis: Molecular beam epitaxy of heterostructure nanowires

Starting date: anytime

Low dimensional nanostructures such as nanowires allow the combination of different semiconductors and therefore novel and efficient devices. Exemplarily, GaAs/InAs and InAs/AlGaSb core-shell nanowires are such candidates showing electron interference effects or are ideal for TFETs, respectively.

As a part of the research group III-V molecular beam epitaxy (III-V MBE) you can work actively on current topics in the field of semiconductor nanowires. For this purpose, the „nanocluster“ is available, a newly installed III-V MBE in combination with an atomic layer deposition system (ALD) and a metal MBE. This allows depositing different materials without breaking the vacuum and therefore qualitatively superior interfaces. In this thesis, the growth of III-V nanowires shall be investigated. The aim is the improvement of the crystalline and morphological quality of the nanowires as well as the optimization of the growth parameters for heterostructures.

The first part of the thesis will be dedicated to the preparation of suitable growth substrates. Subsequently, the nanowires will be grown by MBE. Finally, the nanowires shall be characterized by electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction as well as room temperature transport measurements.

Your profile:
• Bachelor in physics, material science, electrical engineering, chemistry or similar
• High motivation and fascination for semiconductor science and device technology
• Very good knowledge of solid state physics is desirable

We offer:
• Experienced and friendly research team
• Excellent experimental equipment
• Working and learning in a great research environment

Please send your application (including CV, bachelor thesis, and exam results) by email to:

Torsten Rieger (