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Master thesis: Silicide contacts to nanometer MOSFET devices

Starting date: anytime

MOSFET, the basic device component in integrated circuits (IC), has been scaled to the nanometer regime. Now, the source/drain resistance is even higher than the channel resistance, making the source/drain contacts more critical in nano-MOSFETs. Silicides are still the best choice for the source/drain contacts due to their thermal and chemical stabilities and the self-aligned Si technology compatible process. As the silicide layer thickness is less than 10nm, the uniformity, the interface roughness and the contact resistance of the silicides are the key issues for the device applications.

In our group we have studied silicides for a long time. Silicides and germanides formed on Si, SiGe and Ge have been investigated and also been used in our nanometer devices, like tunnel FETs.

In this project we will investigate the silicide contacts on nanometer SOI MOSFETs in collaboration with European industrial partners. Silicides with a layer thickness of <10nm will be formed on different pre-treated Si wafers. The silicidation process will be optimized to achieve uniform and stable silicide layers. MOSFET devices, pn diodes, TLM (transmission line model) structures will be fabricated in the cleanroom to study the silicide contacts on highly doped p+ or n+ junctions formed by conventional ion implantation and plasma implantations. The newly built Helmholtz Nanofacility (HNF) at the Research Centre Jülich will be used for this project. Characterization techniques, like RBS, XRD, TEM, SEM, AFM and electrical characterizations (I-V, C-V, van der Pauw) will be used to investigate the layer structures and device properties.

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