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Tuesday 14.6.2011
Growth of Nanostructures I11:00George CirlinIoffe Institute, St. PetersburgSelf-catalised growth of GaAs nanowires on modified Si(111) substrates
 11:35Kamil SladekFZ Jülich, JARA-FITMOVPE growth and characterization of III/V nanowires for spintronic and electronic applications
 12:10Anna HaabFZ Jülich, JARA-FITIII/N nanostructures via top down and bottom up approaches
Lunch Break 12:35   
Quantum Transport I14:00Vadim S. Khrapai ISSP ChernogolovkaInfluence of electron-electron scattering in the bulk of a 2D system on the resistance of a ballistic microcontact
 14:35Stefan LudwigLMU MünchenNon-equilibrium mesoscopic systems: hot electrons, phonons & detector back-action
 15:10Maria ProkudinaISSP ChernogolovkaCoulomb interaction between counter-propagating edge channels in quantum Hall effect.
 15:35Christian BlömersFZ Jülich, JARA-FITDielectric confinement and absence of enhanced surface conductivity in InN nanowires
Coffee Break16:00   
Quantum Transport II 16:30Karl WeisFZ Jülich, JARA-FITEffect of Si doping on the transport properties of InAs nanowires
 16:55Natalia StepinaInstitute of Semiconductor Physics,
Hole transport in 2D array of tunnel-coupled Ge/Si quantum dots
 17:20Andreas BringerFZ Jülich, JARA-FITSpin precession and modulation in ballistic cylindrical nanowires due to the Rashba effect
 17:45Natalia DemarinaFZ Jülich, JARA-FITConductivity of p-type SiGe rolled-up heterostructures
Dinner Seecasion18:30

Wednesday 15.6.2011 
Scanning Probe Techniques 08:50Alexander N. TitkovIoffe Institute, St. PetersburgScanning probe microscopy studies of mechanical, electrical and photoelectrical properties of GaAs nanowires
 09:25Marco PratzerRWTH Aachen,
Scanning tunneling microscopy and spectroscopy of graphene
 10:00V.S. StolyarovISSP Chernogolovka,
MIPT Moscow
Local DOS investigations by low-temperature STM in SF-bilayers
Coffee Break 10:25   
 EU-Strategy10:50Dr. Ruben VardapetianBrusselsEU-RU.NET Links R&D strategies and facilitates cooperation in nanoelectronics
Growth of Nanostructures II   11:25Mihail LepsaFZ Jülich, JARA-FITSelf-catalysed MBE grown III-V nanowires
 12:00Svetlana BorisovaFZ Jülich, JARA-FITGrowth and characterization of small-period Si/Ge quantum dot crystals
Lunch Break 12:25   
Silicon and
14:00Konstantin KudryavtsevRussian Academy of Sciences,
Nizhny Novgorod
Electroluminescence studies of Si:Er/Si  and multilayer GeSi/Si light-emitting diodes
 14:25Stefan HabichtFZ Jülich, JARA-FITSilicon nanowires electronic devices
 15:00Alexey Novikov Russian Academy of Sciences,
Nizhny Novgorod
Activities of the Institute for Physics of Microstructures RAS in the field of Si-based nanostuctures
 15:35Dmitry Yu. FedyaninMoscow Institute
of Physics and Technology (MIPT)
Plasmonic interconnects 
Excursion + Dinner16:00

Thursday 16.6.2011 
08:20Frank VolmerRWTH Aachen, JARA-FITSpin transport in graphene 
 08:45Carola MeyerFZ Jülich, JARA-FITSpintronics in carbon nanostructures
09:20Valerii V. RyazanovISSP ChernogolovkaApplications of superconducting phase inverters in digital and quantum logics
09:55Tatiana GolikovaISSP
MIPT Moscow
Coherent transport in hybrid planar S/N and S/NF structures
Coffee Break 10:20   
 10:45Igor E. BatovISSP ChernogolovkaMagnetotransport and electronic coherence effects in mesoscopic superconductor/semiconductor hybrid structures
 11:10Yusuf Gunel FZ Jülich, JARA-FITNanoscale Josephson devices based on field-effect controlled superconductor/semiconductor-nanowire structures
 11:35D.S. SobaninISSP Chernogolovka,
MIPT Moscow
Application of superconductor-ferromagnet-superconductor junctions for Josephson magnetic memory
Lunch Break 12:00   
Structures and Topological Insulators
13:00Christoph Stampfer RWTH Aachen, JARA-FITQuantum dots in graphene
 13:35Gregor MusslerFZ Jülich, JARA-FITMBE growth of topological insulators
 14:10Victor Ya. PrinzInstitute of Semiconductor Physics,
Metamaterials and devices based on precise semiconductors, graphene and hybrid shells