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Getting Started

  1. Register with us, see Application.
  2. For more information contact the HNF User Office.
  3. The HNF User Office will notify you of safety courses and training courses you have to attend.
  4. Dates cleanroom training: Deadline for acceptance of the relevant dates is 11 days in advance.

The entire process of setting up your new project may take a week or two to ensure we have all the correct details and requirements. Once we have clarified the particulars of your research needs, we will put you on the waiting list for orientation and safety training.

Access to certain instruments requires precise scheduling. We do our best to get new users on the schedule quickly. Many users are able to arrive here within 2 weeks if the laboratory and the specific capabilities are not overbooked. It helps to plan quickly if we can count on rapid interactions.

Upon arrival at HNF, you will be assigned a staff person to mentor your project - particularly in the early phases. Be prepared for a flexible approach! Many new users change their plan of attack significantly once they arrived and became better acquainted with the facility, its staff, and capabilities.

Due to the great number of materials, processes and chemicals in the HNF the safety of all users is most important. Therefore you are required to observe all safety rules.

Annual Safety Training / HNF Cleanroom Exam:

Previously, you had to complete the annual safety training once a year. This was on two dates in the year. By September 1st, 2015, we start an online version of the annual safety training. The online version consists of a lecture and a test you have to pass. You may repeat the test as often as you like.

If you pass, your safety clearance for HNF is extended for another year. Unless your behavior gives reason to withdrawal or you did not work in the cleanroom for three months in a row. In both cases you are asked to repeat the test. The HNF directors agreed that all users have to follow the new procedure in 2015. This also applies to all users who already have a valid safety clearance.

The process starts on September 1st. You have 4 weeks to pass the test. You find the test called "Cleanroom Exam" in the Phoenix system at System --> Do the Cleanroom Exam or under the link You log in as usual. From September 1st you have 4 weeks to pass the test, if you don't your account will be blocked.

A hint: Read the text of the questions carefully before answering. Each question has an individual number of points; you have to reach 90% of the overall number of points to pass the test.

Important: After passing the test, Phoenix (livingdatabase@...) will send you a mail with the result. Please sign the appended form "Certificate Safety Renewal" and send the signed original document to the HNF office or throw it into the HNF letterbox within 2 weeks. In case we do not have the signed document your account will be blocked.

Good luck!

Wolfgang Albrecht

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