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Dates for User Meetings, Maintenance and Trainings

User Meetings

We invite the Users to discuss their technology, current problems and suggestions.

Location: Geb. 3.6, 1. Etage, Infocenter, 2 p.m.:

next: 27. August

Maintenance Breaks

  • 18. June and 19. June - full day
  • 02. July and 03. July - full day
  • 20. July until 01. Aug. - full day
  • 03. Sept. and 04. Sept. - full day
  • 08. Oct. and 09. Oct. - full day
  • 05. Nov and 06. Nov. - full day
  • 03. Dez. - 04. Dez. - full day

Introduction for new Users in 2014:

You will be invited! We expect you to be familiar with the User Manual, the rules and the website!

2015: 13. Jan. / 10. Feb. / 10. Mär. / 7. Apr. / 12. Mai / 9. Jun. / 7. Jul. / 11. Aug. / 8. Sept. / 13. Okt. / 10. Nov. / 8. Dez.

Annual Safety Training:

We at HNF-8-PT are obliged to perform safety instructions for all users of the HNF on a regular basis. Therefore in 2015 there will be two important dates in building 04.8, PGI lecture-room, entry E2, Room 365, 2nd floor.


  • 20. January
  • 2. Oktober

You do not have to participate if you had a regular first clean room training this year

If you meet none of this cases, contact the HNF Office otherwise we will block your access.

Additional Information

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Reminder! From July 1st, the report of the process parameters in the Phoenix Database is obligatory!


a) A disposal of solvent in the disposal system is not possible on Monday, February 2nd. Please use the canister.

b) Please notify other users of the system when you cancel a booking of equipment at short notice (in Phoenix: select the equipment, click the right button -> Message to users).

c) The use and processing of copper in any form (as metal, foil, sample, etc.) in the HNF cleanroom is strictly prohibited.


Due to many questions, here is a clarification: there is cleanroom training and there is the annual safety training.

a) Cleanroom training is the training for those who want to use the cleanroom for the first time.

b) The annual safety briefing must be carried out on the basis of conditions relating to working safety. Both trainings have no relation to each other. Each user of the cleanroom of HNF must attend once a year and confirm this with his signature. The reason is legal formality.
Permitted exceptions: 1) All who have received a cleanroom training in 2015 do not have to attend the safety training in 2015. In the following years they have to attend. 2) There are separate safety trainings for users who want to use only the nanocluster or scanning electron microscopes.