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10th Liège Conference on Materials for Advanced Power Engineering

Palais des Congrès Liège, Belgium

The 10th Liège Conference on Materials for Advanced Power Engineering will be held on 14th – 17th of September 2014. The achievements of materials research, concerning high efficiency, emission reduced, zero emission and new cycle power plants, will be reviewed. Invited lectures by internationally recognized experts and posters will present the status of the following topics:

  • Future international perspectives for energy supply
  • Materials issues concerning new power plant cycles as well as fuel and load flexible, discontinuous operation
  • Ferritic, martensitic and austenitic steels: Processing and performance in high temperature steam power plants
  • High performance Nickel base alloys and thermal barrier coatings for high efficiency gas turbines
  • Materials for advanced nuclear fission power plants
  • Production of components, including casting, hot and cold working, heat treatment and welding
  • New materials and processes for energy conversion
  • Cross-sectional topics in research on high temperature materials

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