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Every year, international scientific conferences and seminars are held at Forschungszentrum Jülich as well as events for the general public. Forschungszentrum Jülich is also represented at outside events, for example at trade fairs.


05.Jun.2016 Open Day: Research Up Close
04.Jul.2016 Falling Walls Lab Jülich
17.Sep.2016 JuDocs 2016 - Karriere made in Jülich

Forthcoming Institute Events

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28.Sep.2016 - 30.Sep.2016 Training course "Erstellung wissenschaftlicher Texte mit LaTeX"
30.Sep.2016 Christian-Wandrey-Award 2016
01.Oct.2016 - 31.Oct.2016 Indien Education Fairs
01.Oct.2016 - 31.Oct.2016 China Education Expo
03.Oct.2016 - 07.Oct.2016 Joint Workshop JCNS and Flipper 2016
04.Oct.2016 - 05.Oct.2016 JARA-HPC Symposium 2016
04.Oct.2016 - 07.Oct.2016 Microswimmers International Conference – From Single Particle Motion to Collective Behaviour
04.Oct.2016 Training course "JuISD - JuNet/Internet Security Day"
09.Oct.2016 - 14.Oct.2016 Multiscale Materials Modeling 2016
10.Oct.2016 - 14.Oct.2016 Summer School Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics
10.Oct.2016 - 12.Oct.2016 World of Energy Solutions (f-cell)
10.Oct.2016 - 14.Oct.2016 HPSC TerrSys Fall School 2016
17.Oct.2016 - 19.Oct.2016 Workshop on SoNDe application – Neutron detection in research and industry
24.Oct.2016 - 25.Oct.2016 Training course "Introduction to GPU programming using OpenACC"
02.Nov.2016 Colloquium: Jun.-Prof. Dr. O. Ebenhöh (HHU Düsseldorf)
07.Nov.2016 - 16.Nov.2016 Training course "Programming in C"
07.Nov.2016 - 08.Nov.2016 From Membranes to Cells
09.Nov.2016 Colloquium: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. A. Jupke (RWTH Aachen)
11.Nov.2016 - 18.Nov.2016 SC16 Supercomputing Conference
14.Nov.2016 - 17.Nov.2016 Medica 2016
15.Nov.2016 Training course "The programming tool make"
21.Nov.2016 - 23.Nov.2016 Training course "Introduction to Python"
23.Nov.2016 Colloquium: Prof. Dr. O. P. Kuipers (Uni Groningen)
24.Nov.2016 - 25.Nov.2016 Training course "Introduction to the programming and usage of the supercomputer resources at Jülich"
28.Nov.2016 - 30.Nov.2016 Training course "Advanced Parallel Programming with MPI and OpenMP"

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