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Upcoming Conferences

The Central Library will continue to organize workshops and conferences dealing with science, publication, and libraries on a regular basis.

[sic!] Jülich – Workshop on translating scientific texts (planned)

Autumn 2015
The Central Library’s Language Services will hold a workshop at Jülich in 2015.
The topic of the workshop will be announced in early 2015.
Approx. 30 participants are anticipated.


14–16 June 2016

The classic task of providing licensed literature is becoming less and less important as the share of open access journals increases, at least where academic journals are concerned. If academic publishing is transformed in the way that many hope, then libraries may lose a large area of their work.
However, these tasks which occur at the end of the academic publication process may be supplemented by new fields of activity at earlier stages of the publication process.
Is helping academic authors through the publication process from A to Z a task for libraries today?
What technical and administrative structural conditions must be created in order to provide assistance during a publication process and put libraries in a position to offer services to the university teaching, scholarly, and research communities?
WissKom2016 aims to answer these questions.

The following topics are on the agenda:

  • Transformation in the publication process
  • Support during the publication process/handling Article Processing Charges (APC)
  • Green open access/repositories
  • Records systems/current research information systems (CRIS)
  • Research evaluation
Approx. 150 participants are anticipated.

[sic!] Jülich – Workshop on bibliometrics (planned)

Approx. 30 participants are anticipated.


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[sic!] Jülich 2013 – Participants
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