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Licensed Dictionaries

The electronic dictionaries that the Central Library subscribes to include both general language dictionaries as well as a wide range of specialist dictionaries (for German and English). Access is available over the Intranet from all workstations on campus.

Langenscheidt WörterbücherAcolada Wörterbücher
  • German Universal Dictionary
  • Dictionary of Medicine
  • Dictionary of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering
  • Cictionary of Chemistry
  • Dictionary of Biology
  • Dictionary of Electrical Engineering
  • Dictionary of Technology and Applied Sciences
  • Dictionary of Business
  • Duden: German spelling
  • PONS: German Universal Dictionary
  • Dietl/Lorenz: Dictionary of Legal, Commercial and Political Terms
  • Eichborn: Dictionary of Economics
  • Ernst: Dictionary of Engineering and Technology
  • Wenske: Dictionary of Chemistry
  • Oxford: Oxford Dictionary of English