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The open access journals of Forschungszentrum Jülich are published by the Central Library's publishing house.

Collective DynamicsJLSRF

Journal of large-scale research facilities (JLSRF)

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The Journal of Large-Scale Research Facilities (JLSRF) publishes articles describing large-scale scientific equipment. This covers large-scale equipment from all scientific disciplines that is intended to be used by scientists who are not affiliated to the institution operating the facilities (dedicated user operation).

Publication form:online
Target group:

The main target groups of JLSRF are contacts and users of large-scale research facilities in the Helmholtz Association. Operators of large-scale research facilities at other institutions, universities, and enterprises are invited to submit articles.
Hausmitteilung – Journal of Large Scale Research Facilities (in German)

JLSRF contains articles with descriptions of large-scale research facilities. The articles have a digital object identifier (DOI) and are thus citable. The DOIs and their linkage to a large-scale research facility means that this facility can also be unambiguously cited.
The DOIs are of benefit to providers and users of large-scale facilities since use of the facilities can be easily documented by this simple and standardized citation method. Altogether, use of large-scale facilities becomes more transparent.


The Journal of large-scale research facilities (JLSRF) publishes articles describing large-scale research equipment such as the Jülich supercomputer JUQUEEN.
IBM Blue Gene/Q® Supercomputer System at the Jülich Supercomputing Centre (JLSRF article)

All articles are published under the name of the institute (corporate author) and not under the name of an individual author. This prevents citations related to individual persons being automatically generated. Details for contacting at least one person responsible for the respective equipment are given in all articles.

Licence:JLSRF is a gold open access journal and thus freely accessible for everyone.
This means that the article/equipment is visible to all external users and ensures a high citation rate.
The articles are published under a CC BY 4.0 Creative Commons Licence, which makes it possible to use and process them if the creator is named.
Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License
For authors:

No publication fees are charged.
Articles can be submitted by the authors themselves via the journal's website in the following formats: open document format (ODF), rich text Format (RTF), as a Microsoft Word file (DOC/DOCX) and as a LaTeX file (TEX).
Templates are available so that the articles can be submitted in the journal layout.
Journal of large-scale research facilities (JLSRF) – template LaTex
Journal of large-scale research facilities (JLSRF) – template Word

Any modifications, for example to the equipment of the large-scale facilities, can be implemented by versioning. An updated article must be submitted to JLSRF if the large-scale facility itself is modified. This article will have the same DOI prefix as the previous version but a different DOI suffix.

Contact:Martin Wintermeier
Tel: 6123
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