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ZEA-1 – Technology for World-Class Research

Here is a selection of some our projects over the last ten years.

Accelerators and accelerator components

 HESR as of 2010  (PDF, 2 MB)



 HD chamber (PDF, 1 MB)

 HIPPI (PDF, 727 kB)

 HD chamber (PDF, 1 MB)

 Quick-closing UHV valve for COSY (PDF, 2 MB)

 COSY vacuum control (PDF, 3 MB)

Hadron physics experiments

 PAX (PDF, 1 MB)



 ATRAP antimatter trap (PDF, 5 MB)

 Transfer cryostat for LEGS (PDF, 799 kB)

 Silicon tracking telescopes for ANKE and PAX experiments (PDF, 912 kB)

 Micro Vertex Detector (MVD) (PDF, 685 kB)

 EUROBALL – the largest European gamma-ray spectrometer  (PDF, 3 MB)

 Encapsulated germanium detectors in space (PDF, 743 kB)

Instruments for advanced neutron sources

 Overview of all spectrometers fabricated for JCNS at FRM-II in Munich (Germany) (PDF, 969 kB)

 Spheres (PDF, 1 MB)

 Small-angle scattering facilities (PDF, 2 MB)

 MAgnetism Reflectometer with Incident Angle (PDF, 663 kB)

 Neutron spin echo spectrometer for SNS, USA (PDF, 3 MB)



Video: Pythagoras coil, cooled 100 mm

 Neutron spectrometer TOPAS (PDF, 171 kB)

 TOPAS (PDF, 408 kB)



Video: How the TOPAS sample container work

 Backscattering spectrometer for FRM II (PDF, 228 kB)

Neutron beam chopper systems

 46 kg Fermi chopper for BRISP at ILL (PDF, 4 MB)

 46 kg Fermi chopper for BRISP at ILL (high resolution) (PDF, 25 MB)

 High Performance Chopper Systems (PDF, 1 MB)

 Magnetic Bearings for Neutron Choppers (PDF, 1 MB)

 Fermi Chopper Systems (PDF, 624 kB)

 Eddy current measurements with aluminium chopper discs (PDF, 362 kB)

 Oscillation measurements with the PST chopper for SPHERES (PDF, 1 MB)

 PST-Chopper (PDF, 938 kB)

European Spallation Source ESS

 Chopper development for ESS (PDF, 192 kB)

 Ess Targetstation (PDF, 293 kB)

Choppers for synchrotron experiments

 1 kHz Selektor für ESRF (PDF, 608 kB)

 Light chopper 1.25 MHz Selector for BESSY, HZB (PDF, 1 MB)

Examples of projects in the area of systems for bio- and georesearch

 Transportable NMR-MRT (PDF, 819 kB)

 Lysimeter base plate press (PDF, 512 kB)

 Lysimeter sprinkler system (PDF, 2 MB)

Examples of projects for energy research

 Silicon carbide coating machine for photovoltaicsk (PDF, 977 kB)

 Membrane test facility for CO2 separation (PDF, 914 kB)

 ITER fusion project (PDF, 2 MB)

 HEXOS spectrometer for plasma diagnostics in the Wendelstein fusion device (PDF, 789 kB)

 Simulation of a joining process in SOFCs (PDF, 3 MB)

 HDMS high-pressure mass spectrometer (PDF, 721 kB)  HDMS Hoch-Druck-MassenSpektrometer (PDF, 721 kB)

Examples of our projects for energy research

 CRISTA-NR cryogenic infrared spectrometer (PDF, 716 kB)

 GLORIA spectrometer for the HALO research aircraft (PDF, 429 kB)

 AirLiF inlet system for the HALO research aircraft (PDF, 472 kB)

 OH measuring platform for Zeppelin NTT (PDF, 1 MB)

 Pegasos (PDF, 503 kB)

Examples of our work for health research

 ClearPET Neuroscanner (PDF, 274 kB)

 9,4T MRT - PET- Gerät (PDF, 599 kB)

 Irradiation inserts for producing 99Mo (PDF, 620 kB)

Examples of our work on choppers for synchrotron radiation

 1,25 MHz Licht-Chopper (PDF, 2 MB)

 Electronic Control System of 1.25 MHz Light Chopper (PDF, 1 MB)