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Central Institute of Engineering, Electronics and Analytics (ZEA)
Electronic Systems (ZEA-2)

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Research - Applications

The application teams work customer oriented and always control the progress of the system development in order to realize the best possible result for our customers. More: Research - Applications …


Expertise - Methods

The research and development teams enable the best possible realization of system parts through their methodological competence. More: Expertise - Methods …


Doctoral Researchers at ZEA-2

Gaining new insights for research is one of the tasks of the ZEA-2 doctoral researchers. Short presentations of their work can be found here. More: Doctoral Researchers at ZEA-2 …


Scalable Quantum Bit Control
ZEA-2 produces Layout for Quantum Computer Chip
Researchers from ZEA-2 have produced a layout of a prototype chip for future quantum computers.
More: ZEA-2 produces Layout for Quantum Computer Chip …

Additional Information

IPS - Indoor Positioning System

Demonstration video of a first demonstrator for an internal developed 3D Indoor Positioning System. more











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