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Development of a HPLC-MS/MS method for the quantification of C5-BPP in radiolysis studies

Nuclear waste is and will be a big problem all over the world. It is very difficult to store and it has many dangerous effects on humans and the environment. Separation of the waste can decrease this problem by reducing the volume of high level nuclear waste. A big challenge is the separation of actinides from lanthanides because they have similar chemical properties. For the separation special extractants are needed which must be resistant against radiation. In the research field for this separation synthesized ligands which complex with actinides must be tested on their stability against radiation.
Therefore a HPLC-MS/MS method with APCI as an ionization mode was developed and validated to quantify the amount of the ligand C5-BPP (2,6-Bis-[5-(2,2-dimethyl-propyl)-1H-pyrazol-3-yl]-pyridine) after radiation experiments.
The real life samples got irradiated in a 60Co Gamma source in Gothenburg in Sweden at Chalmers University. After radiation the samples got measured with the developed HPLC-MS/MS method and the amount of C5-BPP after the radiation experiments was calculated.

Analysis of C5-BPP60Co gamma source for the analysis of C5-BPP


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