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How to modify the users's environment.

When users login on an frontend node using the secure shell software a shell will be started and a set of environment variables will be exported. These are defined in system profiles. Each user can add/modify his environment by using his own profiles in his $HOME directory.

In the Jülich setup there will be a separate $HOME directory for each HPC system. Which means that the environment differs between JUWELS, JURECA; JUDAC; ... and also the user can modify his own profiles for each system separately. Therefore a skeleton .bash_profile and .bashrc are placed in each $HOME directory when a user is joined to any HPC system.

# **************************************************
# bash environment file in $HOME
# Please see:
# for more information and possible modifications...
# **************************************************
# Get the aliases and functions: Copied from Cent...
if [ -f ~/.bashrc ]; then
. ~/.bashrc
export PS1="[\u@\h \W]\$ "

# **************************************************
# bash environment file in $HOME
# Please see:
# for more information and possible modifications...
# **************************************************
# Source global definitions: Copied from CentOS 7...
if [ -f /etc/bashrc ]; then
. /etc/bashrc

User $HOME directory structureSeparate $HOME directory for each HPC system

E.g. on JUDAC user graf1 will see $HOME="/p/home/jusers/graf1/JUDAC". The profiles located here were used for login. Only the shared folder (link) points always to the same directory /p/home/jusers/graf1/shared.

Most side dependend variables are set automatically by the jutil env init command (system profile). The user can set the right core variables ($PROJECT, $ARCHIVE, ...) by using

jutil env activate -p <project>

For more information look at the jutil command usage.

How to make the currently enabled budget visible:

If a user has to change his budget account during a login session it might be helpful to see the currently set budget account in his prompt to be sure to work on the correct budget.Therefore one should replace the current "export PS!=..." line in .bash_profile by:

prompt() {
PS1="[${BUDGET_ACCOUNTS:-\u}@\h \W]\$ "

This results in the following behaviour:

[user1@juwels07 ~]$ jutil env activate -p chpsadm
[hpsadm@juwels07 ~]$ jutil env activate -p cslfse
[slfse@juwels07 ~]$