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New Helmholtz Young Investigator Group established at ER‑C‑1

28 June 2018

Dr. Knut Müller-Caspary has been selected as a leader of a Helmholtz Young Investigator Group at the institute "Physics of Nanoscale Systems" (ER-C-1). The physicist develops methods for a new era in the field of high-resolution electron microscopy. While established approaches use atomically resolved images of solids to determine structure, for example, the measurement of physical properties at the subatomic level, such as charge densities or electric fields, remains a challenge.

Based on the recent development of ultrafast detectors, Müller-Caspary will work out methodologies where detailed local diffraction data is recorded simultaneously with structural information in the raster mode of electron microscopes. Instead of two-dimensional images, a four-dimensional data set is obtained, which can be deciphered so as to gain fundamentally new insights into the structure-property relationships of materials. The experimental implementation takes place within the framework of the often unique instruments at the Ernst Ruska-Centre.

This Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups Program is dedicated to the support of outstanding young researchers who obtained their doctoral degree two to six years back. It provides an excellent research environment in which young researchers can build their own group and prove their management skills. Furthermore, Helmholtz Young Investigator Groups aim to strengthen the interaction between Helmholtz Centers and universities, which is also a focus of Müller-Caspary's activities.

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