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"Bernstein Network - Simulation Lab Neuroscience" HPC Workshop

Neuroscience today is attacking problems of increasing complexity and scale, as exemplified by projects like the Human Brain Project. The application of large data sets to computationally intensive theoretical simulations and analyses requires the adaptation of software and theory from local clusters to high-performance computing systems (HPC). To bring HPC scientists together with neuroscientists interested in HPC applications, the "Simulation Laboratory Neuroscience - Bernstein Facility for Simulation and Database Technology" at JSC and the "National Bernstein Network Computational Neuroscience" will hold a workshop for scientists interested in collaborating in the development of petascale neuroscience simulations and analyses.

This workshop will be focused on finding ways to make JSC resources available to the neuroscience community by expanding projects to current supercomputer scales, exploring new problems which may be amenable to methods available at this scale, and catalysing collaborations with the SimLab Neuroscience. The SimLab will present currently available resources at the JSC and on-going projects that leverage those resources. Attendees will present current neuroscience problems that they are interested in exploring using the larger computational resources available in Jülich.

The workshop will take place on 4 and 5 June at JSC. Please contact by 18 May to register. For further information, see
(Contact: Dr. Alexander Peyser,