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Jülich Excellence Prize for Sabyasachi Dasgupta

31 July 2015

Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta has been awarded one of four Excellence Prizes 2015 by Forschungszentrum Jülich for his doctorate undertaken at the Institute of Complex Systems (ICS), in the Theoretical Soft Matter and Biophysics division (ICS-2 / IAS-2). Together with the other award winners, he received the € 5,000 prize on 13 June during the Jülich ceremony “JuDocs 2015 – Careers Made in Jülich”.

“This is the highlight of my career so far and has provided a real boost to my commitment to go on with research in soft matter”, explained Sabyasachi Dasgupta, delighted to receive the prize. Originally from India, he is now working as a post doc at the Mechanobiology Institute at the National University of Singapore and the Institut Curie in Paris.

When a cell takes in medicine, is attacked by a virus, or even when using medical diagnostic tools with imaging techniques, a crucial role is always played by the way in which a substance enters the cell. In his doctoral thesis, Dasgupta investigated the interactions which occur when a nanoparticle adheres to the cell membrane in order to be partly or fully embedded and assimilated within the cell.

Forschungszentrum Jülich has been awarding the Excellence Prize annually since 2009. The winners are all young researchers who have attained international recognition in their research area and belong to the top five percent of scientists at their career level and whose innovative ideas have brought a significant impetus in their field. In 2014, Forschungszentrum Jülich supervised the research of a total of 559 male and 318 female PhD students.

Excellence PrizeDr. Enno Kätelhön, Dr. Anja Klotzsche, Dr. Michael Rack and Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta (from left) are in the top five percent of scientists at this stage in their research career. To mark their achievements, they have been awarded the Jülich Excellence Prize 2015.
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Press release (in German) with video interviews with Dr. Sabyasachi Dasgupta (in English) and the prize winners

Institute of Complex Systems (ICS), Theory of Soft Matter and Biophysics (ICS-2 / IAS-2)