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JACerS - Best Paper Award 2019

Journal of the American Ceramic Society

IEK-1 staff as well as visiting Mercator Fellow Prof. Wakai received several awards at 2019 JACerS Award Symposium MS&T Conference, Portland, Oregon:

Sintering Forces Acting among Particles During Sintering by Grain Boundary/Surface Diffusion
F. Wakai, O. Guillon, G. Okuma, N. Nishiyama

IEK-1: Prof. Dr. O. GuillonCopyright: Journal of the American Ceramic Society (JACerS)

Microstructure–conductivity relationship of Na3Zr2(SiO4)2(PO4) ceramics
S. Naqash, D. Sebold, F. Tietz, O. Guillon

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