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Strengthening of the strategic partnership with the University of Twente

The partnership with the University of Twente (Enschede, Niederlande) in the field of membrane development was confirmed and further strengthened in November 2018. Professor Wilhelm A. Meulenberg (Jülich) of IEK-1 was reappointed by the University of Twente until April 2024 and will continue to work in the field of ion conductors. At the same time Professor Henricus Bouwmeester (Twente) has taken up a guest scientist position at IEK-1 in Jülich, initially until 2021. There he will work on fundamental questions concerning oxygen and hydrogen ion conducting membranes. The mentioned activities further strengthen the already excellent cooperation, especially in the supervision of master and doctoral theses in both institutions.

Team Wasserstoffpermeable Membrane: Henny Bouwmeester

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