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Doctoral examination: MSc. Nikolas Grünwald

Doctoral examination in the Institute of Energy and Climate Research (IEK-1)

MSc. Nikolas Grünwald successfully passed his PhD exam at Ruhr University Bochum on 09th of May 2018. The title of his thesis is:

„Selbstheilende plasmagespritzte Mn1,0Co1,9Fe0,1O4-Schutzschichten in Festoxidbrennstoffzellen”

The picture shows the candidate with Prof. Dr. Robert Vaßen (IEK-1, Doktorvater), Prof. Dr. Alexander Hartmaier (RUB, Zweitgutachter) and Prof. Dr. - Ing. Romuald Skoda (RUB, Prüfungsvorsitzender).

IEK-1: MSc. Nikolas GrünwaldPromotionsprüfung: MSc. Nikolas Grünwald
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