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A Superior Ceramic Sodium-Ion Conductor

Article in the Journal of Materials Chemistry A: Dr. Q. Ma (IEK-1)

Room temperature demonstration of a sodium superionic conductor with grain conductivity in excess of 0.01 S cm−1 and its primary applications in symmetric battery cells.

Journal of Materials Chemistry A: Dr. Q. Ma (IEK-1)Copyright: Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH

The lack of suitable candidate electrolyte materials for practical application limits the development of all-solid-state Na-ion batteries. By discovering Na3.4Zr2Si2.4P0.6O12, a total conductivity of 5 × 10-3 S cm-1 was achieved at 25 °C, which represents highest level of sodium polycrystalline conductors. An even more surprising bulk conductivity of 1.5 × 10-2 S cm-1 was also revealed for Na3.4Zr2Si2.4P0.6O12. Based on such high conductivity, superior performances were achieved for both half cells and full cells. Specifics can be found at: