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"A heavenly job" - a WDR TV team visits the IEK-7 cloud research group

A German TV team of "WDR" has visited Dr. Martina Krämer's laboratory for atmospheric research. They take a look at how the instruments are being checked for the next campaigns and accompany the pilots of a research airplane on one of their measurement flights.

The report was broadcasted on August 5th 2014 in the WDR telecast "Lokalzeit aus Aachen".

The HALO research aircraftCopyright: Anja Costa, Forschungszentrum Jülich

The HALO research aircraft with the NIXE-CAPS and other measurement instruments beneath its wings. The spikes on top are the sensors of the instument HAI and air inlets that lead to hygrometers like the FISH, mass spectrometers etc. The mast in front of the aircraft carries a pressure sensor.

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