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Best Poster Award for Marvin Marco Jansen

Marvin Marco Jansen, Ph.D. student at the Peter Grünberg Institut 9 (PGI-9 Semiconductor Nanoelectronics), has won the best poster award of Symposium W (Semiconductor nanostructures towards electronic and opto-electronic device applications) at the spring meeting of the „European Material Research Society (EMRS)”. The conference took place in Nice, France between 27. – 31. May 2019.

He received the award for his poster entitled „Growth and optical properties of GaAs/ZnSe Core/Shell Nanowires“. His poster visualized the properties of the growth process of novel hybrid III/V-II/VI nanowires composed of a GaAs core and a ZnSe shell. Micro-Photoluminescence measurements revealed efficient radiative recombination and confirmed great potential of these NWs for future optoelectronic applications such as single photon sources with build-in waveguide characteristics. Finally, the poster reports on first experiments to achieve phase-pure NWs by dynamic tailoring of the Ga flux during the NW growth. He is working in the group “Epitaxy and Semiconductor Quantum Optics supervised by Alexander Pawlis. Further authors are T. Rieger, G. Schmidt, N. Demarina and D. Grützmacher at PGI-9, M. Luysberg, L. Kibkalo at ER-C-1, E. Neumann at HNF.
The international spring meeting of the EMRS is one of the leading European conference for state of the art materials epitaxy, semiconductor technology, electronics and photonics and is visited by researchers from academia as well as industry.

Best Poster Award for Marvin Marco Jansen