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Ion Migration in the Nanoworld – From Electronic Phenomenon to Technology of the Future

Keynote lecture by Prof. Rainer Waser in Rhineland Regional Museum Bonn

Jülich, 20 November 2014 - The Jülich end-of-year keynote lecture, which took place yesterday evening in the Rhineland Regional Museum (LVR-LandesMuseum), focused on data storage devices of the future and areas where they might be applied. This year’s Leibniz Prize winner Prof. Rainer Waser gave approximately 350 guests from politics, science, and industry as well as from Forschungszentrum Jülich insights into his research. At the Peter Grünberg Institute and RWTH Aachen University, the physical chemist aims to get to the bottom of electronic phenomena that could be used for novel information storage systems, logic devices, or energy conversion, such as ReRAM storage. Waser and his colleagues cooperate closely with companies such as Intel and Samsung Electronics and are considered pioneers in the area of resistive switching elements.

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