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Transparency in the Transformation from Closed Access to Open Access

ZB publishes local publication expenses and collates national data as part of a BMBF-funded project

29 March 2018

For two years, the Central Library (ZB) will receive funding within the scope of an ideas competition of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research in support of the free flow of information within the scientific community. The project entitled “Synergies for Open Access – Open Access Monitoring” aims to investigate open access in Germany. By establishing a monitor for the transformation process from closed access (mostly subscription fees) to open access (mostly publication fees), data from existing projects will be collated and their data base expanded as well as being utilized for a hierarchical user interface and published in scientific publications.
Internet – Synergies for Open Access – Open Access Monitoring

As was the case for the previous year, ZB will publish Forschungszentrum Jülich’s 2017 figures in an open access barometer, demonstrating the transition from subscription journals to open access with numbers and figures. The total expenditure, number of Jülich publications, cost per publication, and distribution of expense types are documented for the 12 most important publishing houses (according to expenses and number of publications). Comments on the cost structure and the transformation status of the individual publishers are available exclusively on the intranet.
Internet – Open Access Barometer

The expenditure for gold open access publications has been revealed by the Central Library since 2014 as part of the Open APC Initiative. Based on the expenses for different publishers, the expenditure for individual journals right down to the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) of each article can be traced.
OpenAPC – Forschungszentrum Jülich

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