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Novel Applications of BrainMet for Cover Page of the Special Issue of International Journal of Mass Spectrometry elected.

International Journal of Mass Spectrometry

Schematic of applications of BrainMet (Bioimaging of Metals and Metallomics) as an innovative and powerful technology for dementia research was elected for the cover page of special issue „Bioinorganic Mass Spectrometry and Metallomics“ of International Journal of Mass Spectrometry.
This special issue concerns the growing significance of bioinorganic mass spectrometry, elemental imaging and metallomics studies with 32 scientific contributions (including 8 invited reviews) of more than hundred authors from 14 nations.

The special issue is dedicated to the former head of Central Division of Analytical Chemistry, Dr. habil. H.-J. Dietze, on occasion of his 75th birthday in recognition of his outstanding scientific achievements in inorganic mass spectrometry.

Special Issue: „Bioinorganic Mass Spectrometry and Metallomics“, Intern. J. Mass Spectrom. 307 (1-3) 2011, 1-252. (Guest editor: J. Sabine Becker)