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Peter Weiss-Blankenhorn

Prof. Dr. Peter Weiss-Blankenhorn

Head of the Motor Cognition group, Deputy Director, Neurologist

Research Interests:

  • Pathophysiology of apraxia (motor cognition)
  • Interaction of apraxia with other cognitive deficits after stroke (neglect, aphasia)
  • Synesthesia
  • Pathophysiology of Parkinson's disease


Selected publications:

  • Binder E, Dovern A, Hesse MD, Ebke M, Karbe H, Saliger J, Fink GR, Weiss PH (2017). Lesion evidence for a human mirror neuron system. Cortex, 90:125-13
  • Weiss PH, Ubben SD, Kaesberg S, Kalbe E, Kessler J, Liebig T, Fink GR (2016). Where language meets meaningful action: a combined behavior and lesion analysis of aphasia and apraxia. Brain Structure & Function, 221:563-576
  • Weiss PH, Achilles E, Moos K, Hesse MD, Sparing R, Fink GR (2013). Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) of left parietal cortex facilitates gesture processing in healthy subjects. Journal of Neuroscience, 33: 19205-19211
  • Dovern A, Fink GR, Saliger J, Karbe H, Koch I, Weiss PH (2011). Apraxia impairs intentional retrieval of incidentally acquired motor knowledge. Journal of Neuroscience, 31 (22): 8102– 8108
  • Weiss PH, Fink GR (2009). Grapheme-colour synaesthetes show increased gray matter volumes of parietal and fusiform cortex. Brain, 132: 65-70
  • Weiss PH, Rahbari NN, Hesse MD, Fink GR (2008). Deficient sequencing of pantomimes in apraxia. Neurology, 70: 834-840
  • Herzog J, Weiss PH, Assmus A, Wefer B, Seif C, Braun PM, Pinsker MO, Herzog H, Volkmann J, Deuschl G, Fink GR (2008). Improved sensory gating of urinary bladder afferents in Parkinson’s disease following subthalamic stimulation. Brain, 131: 132-145



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