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Julia Amunts

M.Sc. Julia Amunts

Ph.D. student

Research topics

  • Executive functions
  • Psycholinguistics
  • Psychiatric disorders

Methodological topics

  • Analysis of prosodic and phonetic information
  • Lexical and semantic analyses

As part of my PhD-project I investigate the relationship between the different subsystems of executive functions and the different levels of speech. In this study (“Computer assisted speech analysis in testing executive functions”), SpEx, we collected behavioral data of 253 subjects by using different speech tests as well as an executive function test battery made up of a number of neuropsychological tests that are commonly used for a variety of populations. We concentrate on computer-based tools which ensure objective analyses to analyze prosodic and semantic information. The data from both batteries will be then analyzed by using machine learning techniques to cluster the different scores and also to attempt to predict speech parameters from executive functions and vice versa. These analyses will allow us to detect whether there is some common structure between speech and executive functions.
As a future perspective, this project can contribute to the clinical application of computerized speech-based tests for executive functions for example to evaluate executive functions in Parkinson´s patients.


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