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Lennart Frahm

M.Sc. Lennart Frahm

PhD student

Research Topics:

  • Modulating impulsivity and aggression in psychopathology

Methodological topics:

  • fMRI
  • ALE-meta analyses

As part of my PhD -project I will be responsible for the methodological development and evaluation of the ALE meta-analysis. In recent years the ALE method has grown organically within the Juelich Research Center and it’s going to be my task to properly test and implement the newly developed features and provide a scientific foundation for further usage. Additionally I will port the method from Matlab to Python and maybe even develop a GUI to increase the ease of use for researchers and students alike.
Besides my work in the Juelich Research Center I am part of the IRTG2150, which is why I will also research ways to modulate aggression and impulsivity in psychopathology. All of this non-methodological research is going to be based on fMRI meta-analyses.


Institute of Neuroscience and Medicine (INM-7)
52425 Jülich